Obstetric Hemorrhage Project

Obstetric Hemorrhage


The objective of this project is to decrease the rate of severe maternal morbidity attributable to obstetric hemorrhage in Virginia. The working group will utilize the AIM safety bundle to improve hospital practice by addressing needs, providing expertise to adapt the bundle, and ensuring optimal practice. Data to be collected includes the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage, usage of transfusion, and incidence of severe maternal morbidity. 


Chris Chisholm, M.D. | OB/GYN at UVA
Laura Carlstrom, BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, RN3 | Labor and Delivery Clinical Care Leader


Hemorrhage Cart Par and Checklist
Risk Assessment Actions
Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Emergency Team Debriefing Form

Obstetric Hemorrhage Patient Safety Bundle

AIM Obstetric Hemorrhage Patient Safety Bundle Baseline Survey
AIM Onboarding Checklist for Hospitals| Next Steps
Obstetric-Hemorrhage-Bundle | Data Collection Handout | Structure Measures | Process Measures
Hemorrhage Cart Recommended Instruments Checklist | Hemorrhage Risk Assessment Checklist
OB Hemorrhage Event Debrief Tool | Hemorrhage Cart Par and Checklist
Prevention and Management of Obstetric Hemorrhage  | Event Debriefing – The Womens Place

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Obstetric Hemorrhage Webinar

Obstetric Hemorrhage Slide Deck | Youtube Link
2017 Webinar Slide Deck from AIM, a Survivor of Postpartum Hemorrhage
Quantifying Hemorrhage, AWHONN Video (Basics)
AIM Bundle
Resource List