Improving Neonatal Outcomes

This committee will be devoted to identifying key problems in neonatal care and outcomes, designing quality improvement projects to address these problems, supervising implementation of projects, and then summarizing and reporting on project data.

Examples of key activities of this committee: Management of neonatal abstinence syndrome, antibiotic stewardship, enhancing nurse-directed healthcare outcomes, promoting safe sleep practices.

Members may include pediatricians, neonatologists, neonatal and pediatric nurse practitioners, NICU and nursery nursing staff, public health workers, lay members, and anyone else with interest in improving child health outcomes.

Key Activities:

  1. Antibiotic Stewardship
  2. NAS
  3. VA Five Star Breastfeeding Award program for hospitals
  4. VDH Safe Sleep
  5. Collaboration with Postpartum Support Virginia


  1. To provide assistance to hospitals and obstetric providers in performing quality improvement initiatives designed to improve pregnancy outcomes, including decreasing the preterm birth rate to Healthy People 2030 Goals and to decrease maternal mortality by 50%.
  2. To enhance the quality of state-wide perinatal data and to provide hospital-specific data back to participating hospitals promptly so as to accomplish quality improvement goals.
  3. To provide assistance to hospitals and newborn care providers in performing quality improvement initiatives designed to improve neonatal outcomes, including decreasing morbidity and mortality as well as decreasing length of stay.
  4. To inform and involve the community, including health care providers, nurses, ancillary medical staff, payers, hospital administrators, and, most importantly, patients in efforts to make Virginia the safest and best place to deliver babies.
  5. To narrow the racial and ethnic disparities with the achievement of health equity in pregnancy and neonatal outcomes.


Ann Kellams MD, IBCLC │ UVA Newborn & BF Med, VA AAP

Lori Dippold NNP │ VCU Health